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We'll deliver the Good Times
Get vehicles, parts, accessories and apparel shipped straight to your door.

MULE PRO-MX Storage Cover, TrueTimber® HTC Green

Item # 99994-1202

MSRP $285.95
Help protect your MULE PRO-MX during storage with this premium storage cover
  • Durable TrueTimber® HTC Green polyester fabric
  • UV resistant to prevent fading
  • Features silk screened Kawasaki logo for an O.E.M. appearance
About TrueTimber® HTC Green
Some might say that green symbolizes both the beginning and end of seasons for hunters. From the foggy mornings of Turkey Season in May, to crisp September afternoons during Archery Season - HTC Green conceals hunters against the remaining color of recent foliage. The perfect mix of oak limbs, leaves, and twigs dissolves movement into various green landscape patterns. For those who chase game year round, HTC Green follows one season’s end, only to join another season's beginning

/® & © 2018 TrueTimber Outdoors Holding Company, LLC. Manufactured and/or distributed under official license by Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A.

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WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm

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